Cannabis plants are weeds with simple needs. Your cannabis plants will grow as long as you give them the right amount of the following resources.

     *  In order to thrive and grow, your weeks needs...

     *  Light (brightness has a huge effect on yields)

     *  Air (fresh air with a slight breeze is best

     *  A Grow Medium (place to grow, soil isn't your only choice)

     *  the right Temperature (room temperature or a little warmer is perfect during the day, cannot stand freezing at night)

     *  Nutrients (start at half as much as what's recommended on the package)

     *  Water (maintain pH for best results, soil likes 6-7 pH & hydro likes 5.5 - 6.5 pH)

Two Stages of Cannabis Life: Vegetative & Flowering 

Here's the cannabis life cycle in the wild.

     *  Repeat- Everything start over again for the next generation

     *  Seed sprouts in spring                                                                      Optimal NPK Values for Growing Cannabis

     *  Cannabis grows for a summer                                                              LIFE STAGE     N        P       K

     *  Days start getting shorter                                                                       Vegetative      High   Med   High

     *  Cannabis dies for winter                                                                         Flowering        Low   Med   High



In other words, you want to use a "Vegetative" (high Nitrogen) or "general purpose" nutrient formula for the first stag of life known as the vegetative stage.  If using high-quality soil, you can skip vegetative nutrients for the first 3-4 weeks while your plant uses up the nutrients in the soil, otherwise you should start with vegetative nutrients around the time your plants open its first leaves.

Use a "Bloom" (low Nitrogen) nutrient formula with plenty of P & K for the flowering stage,  Start using bloom nutrients when buds start forming to make sure your plant gets plenty of Phosphorus & Potassium, which are crucial to bud development.

Phosphorus tends to increase the number of flowers, while Potassium helps increase the bulk/weight of flowers.  Be careful, though because going overboard with either one can burn your plants!!


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Growing Cannabis Basics